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Knowledgebase : Trading Terminal
* mobile os must be 5.0 and above. * client must make sure their internet connection connect to 3G/GPRS or WIFI. * ** BIS (blackberry internet service) is not compatible to run the application * this is due to insufficient speed to support or st...
Due to client's information is top confidential, we do not provide request change through write-in BUT trader could change their trading account password as below : a. Login to platform (MT4 platform) b. Press "Ctrl + O" C . Choose "server" pa...
Yes, we do allow hedging without consider hedging through manual trade or robot/EA.
Trader could check their closed order comment from MT4 history: 1. Login to MT4 platform 2. 'right click' on 'Account History' 3. choose 'Comments' and detail could be reach from comment column appear on account history table.
Trader may check our currency pair from our MT4 platform market watch. If there are no market watch on screen, trader my press 'Ctrl + M' and market watch should shown on left of the platform. In order to view all the pair lists, trader may 'righ...
Trader may download our Android platform from below link : http://www.ikofx.com/en/index.php/trader-area/android-trader [1] Links: ------ [1] http://www.ikofx.com/en/index.php/trader-area/android-trader
Download it from itunes for free. * Visit this link. http://www.ikofx.com/en/index.php/en/trader-area/iphone-trader
Trader may use our 'Forex Calculator - margin used' to check margin requirement to hold a position. http://www.ikofx.com/en/index.php/forex-tools/forex-calculator [1] Links: ------ [1] http://www.ikofx.com/en/forexCalculator.php
When margin level dropped below 100%, trader will be able to see the balance, equity, margin, free margin & margin level bar change to 'pink' colour (from MT4 trade tab which display current open positions or pending order).
MetaTrader4 * Please visit this link: HTTP://IKOFX.COM/EN/ABOUTMETATRADER-IKOFX.PHP [1] Links: ------ [1] http://ikofx.com/en/aboutmetatrader-ikofx.php
Our maximum lot size for both account types are 1,000/order.
IKOFX Trading Terminals: * Terminal (Microsoft Windows PC) * MT4 trading terminal * IPhone trading terminal * Android trading terminal
With our current MT4 platform, trader my trade with 5 digits pairs. 5 digits pair only available for ECN accounts.
MT4 platform only applicable for window based 2003 or greater. MT4 platform is not applicable for Mac PC. We suggest trader to install window based os into Mac PC. This mean PC's is running two OS. For running both window in one Mac PC, trader...
There are few reasons why trader unable to place order which are: 1. Wrongly key in login ID or trading account password 2. Login by using Investor Password (for Read-Only - no activity could be done) 3. Platform is not connected to internet. ...
Indicator function only applicable for MT4 platform which require windows based 2003 or greater.
Our MT4 platform market watch is based on our server time. Server time as mentioned is GMT +0.
Folders been stored at PC's user profile. Below are the steps to locate the folders ; >> Go to "This PC" > OS (C ) > Users > **PC user owner name > AppData > Roaming > MetaQuotes > Terminal >Look for the folder which contain MQL4
Regret to inform that Mobile operating system Windows 7 is not support our Metatrader Mobile Platform or Smartphone Edition. So far, there are no features or supports from MetaQuotes on Windows 7 mobile.